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Whatever u decide to go from Calcutta DO NOT EVER THINK TO GO BY BUS OR CAR. It will be the. Worst experience of your life. The road are soo bad… I drove allot in my life and ive been in many different place but this road (main road, they call here the highway from Calcutta to Siliguri) is a nightmare. The holes in the road are so big sometimes that i can sit down in the hole and if you drive u cant see me inside. The traffic, the dust, the SMOG!!!! It’s official this driving day is the worst in my life…
We left at 5.30AM and stop for sleeping only half way trhu at 9PM. I was sooo tyred, headeache, sore trhoe, my eyes were burning from the dust and smog. In this tiny little car. Anyway avoid Bus, or car with driver. Best and easy option is to fly and then get the 4WD taxi, or if u dont fly u can take the train that takes up to 12 hours. U can book the tiket ant the international traintiket office. Its a bit hard to organize a tiket but eventually after few hours in the office where u fill up forms and wait and all the stuff. Anyway good luck with all your choice.
On top of that we stopped on the way to Sikkim at 9pm in a country town, we asked for a room and they sayd no room for international people !?!?!? WTFK i didn’t know if kick him in the balls or laugh…. And i chose for the second one….offcourse:) . But on my way out they called me back again and approved to have a “whiteskin” in theyr hotel. Room bit stinky linen dirty hahaha but it was only for the nite and anyway I always travel with a light sleepingbed.


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Ooooo yess finally after 2 weeks I’ve got internet and my Blackberry service on so i can update all my movement. Short story from the past days, landed in Chennai, 5 days around there then 3 days in Tiruvannamalai, 3 days in Bangalore, 4 days in Calcutta. And today on the way up to Sikkim. This guy that i have meet on Couchsurfing suggested me this other guy who sometimes is organizing tour up north. So after spending the nite at his house with his all family, we start our trip at 5.30 AM to avoid traffic jam. Is a warm sunny stiky day but after 4 days of Calcutta is nice to see some farms and green landscape.

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